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About Us

Samatech Foundation was founded in 2015, by Akshat Gupta and Keith Mascarenhas. The foundation was founded on a vision to introduce sustainable and clean sanitation technologies to the Indian Subcontinent. Samatech believes that there is an urgent need for humanity to employ and invent sanitation technologies that are smart, hygienic and sustainable in nature given the climate change dangers facing the world. 


The Samatech Foundation understands  that improving access to smart sanitation is essential for achieving gender equality and economic growth in India. The foundation holds that sanitation is not a luxury for the affluent community, but rather a necessity for all Indians. The Samatech Foundation works with the local Governing Municipalities and Corporates to identify, facilitate and fund sanitation projects for local communities and endeavours to take an active participatory  role  in the  execution  of these  projects.

About Us: what makes us different?

What makes us different?

Design at our heart

At Samatech we do not think of a toilet as a traditional toilet box. 

Every Toilet Project begins with identifying a renowned Architect that is passionate about the project, the location and the community it will serve. With every toilet we aim to combine the art of a beautiful construction with the intelligence of sanitation technology. 

We begin by understanding the requirement of the location and then we custom design every detail to perfectly suit the needs of the users and go far beyond. 

Our team endeavours for every toilet we build to be a statement true to our passion. 

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