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Gateway of India Toilet

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Samatech Foundation is proud to have partnered with Round Table India and Ladies Circle India to construct the large 15 seater toilet at the Iconic Gateway of India. One of India's most prized and prestigious landmarks, the Gateway of India, was built in 1924 and is today one of Mumbai’s chief tourist attraction. All in all, there is not a more important, iconic and visited landmark in all of Mumbai, the financial capital of India.  However despite this, there was only one Public Service Utility toilet block at the Gateway, and that too with inadequate facilities and sewage disposal to meet the demand of the number of people. 


Together with the Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, we began by understanding the requirement of this iconic location and the millions of different visitors it receives per year. The design and plan was made to cater to the people from all walks of life, from children to the elderly, from women to men, and from tourists to locals. Addtionally have also provided for a entire handicap accessible section, a baby changing station, a changing room, a sanitary vending machine and incinerator. 

The design is custom made using the most efficient layout, and materials that are sophisticated, locally sourced and yet easy to maintain. The conservation heritage consultant and architects for the project have ensured that it is a beautiful construction that will blend into the iconic and historic location that it rests in, yet serving the millions of people that pass by each year. 

The toilet is currently under construction and we hope to open to the public soon.  

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