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Marine Drive Toilet

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

In partnership with the JSW Group, Samatech will give to the city’s most iconic promenade the World’s most high tech public toilet. The structure is designed by International Architects Serie, that have combined the art of a beautiful construction together the intelligence of Sanitation Technology. This toilet will be an ambassador to the Government’s vision of sustainable development for India's Sanitation movement.

A large doubly curved roof caps the elliptical volumes of the toilets and extends gently outward, creating a deep overhang to provide shade for citizens who maybe waiting outside under the hot sun or those caught in a sudden downpour. The design is such that male and female users enter the toilets on opposite sides and ensures a sense of safety and privacy for women by eliminating any cross circulation and direct visibility.

The toilet’s monolithic form is built entirely in weathering/corten steel sheets which is corrosion proof. As this toilet is situated on the heart of the sea face at Marine Drive it will be insulated from the persistent ravages of the saline air and battering of waves during the cities’ monsoon. The material will in effect be maintenance free and long lasting.

Using vacuum sanitation technology, the toilet will save 90% of the precious fresh water used per flush. As there is 90% sewage reduction, it will allow us to store the sewage in underground tanks and transport and dispose it in an environmental friendly manner. Many toilets near in Mumbai situated by the ocean dump sewage directly into the sea untreated because they have no option to be connected to the main sewage lines. This toilet will stand as an a testament of the environmental solution. 

Last but not least, Curved solar panels, are shaped to snugly fit the curvature of the doubly curved roof and the entire toilet will be powered by Solar energy, showcasing a net-zero energy public project. 

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