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Our Projects

We take pride in each one of our projects. Come step into the wonderful journeys we have had so far.

Projects: Welcome

Mumbai Central Ladies Toilet

This project is at its heart about a Woman’s Dignity.  The toilet is designed by Architect Tanya Sinh for Mumbai’s busiest railway station, Mumbai Central Station.  It is in dedication of every Indian Woman and in support of the Government’s sanitation drive in India.

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Marine Drive Toilet

In partnership with the JSW Group, Samatech will give to the city’s most iconic promenade the World’s most high tech public toilet. The structure is designed by International Architects Serie, that have combined the art of a beautiful construction together the intelligence of Sanitation Technology. This toilet will be an ambassador to the Government’s vision of sustainable development for India's Sanitation movement.

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Gateway of India Toilet

Samatech Foundation is proud to have partnered with Round Table India and Ladies Circle India to construct the large 15 seater toilet at the Iconic Gateway of India. One of India's most prized and prestigious landmarks, the Gateway of India, was built in 1924 and is today one of Mumbai’s chief tourist attraction. All in all, there is not a more important, iconic and visited landmark in all of Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

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Beach Eco Toilet

In a first, mobile vacuum toilets installed by Samatech at Girgaum Chowpatty which sees heavy footfalls during the festival of Ganesh Visarjan.  Designed by architect Tanya Singh, the toilet uses vacuum sanitation technology and has an in-built storage system which collects and stores sewage which is later directly discharged into the nearest sewage treatment plant.

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Banganga Slum Toilet

Samatech Foundation has installed the world’s first vacuum slum toilet to reduce Mumbai ocean pollution. This 4 toilet project was completed 2017 and was successfully connected to the main sewer line at an elevation of 30 feet and a running length of over 300 feet with several bends of the slum geography in the way.

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